Renergize Consultancy

Renergize Consultancy was founded by Wilma Eerenstein. She has over 9 years of experience in the development and improvement of solar panels at ECN. Here she has worked as a project leader, team leader and program coordinator, so that in addition to technical knowledge, she also has a lot of experience with project proposals, managing teams and strategic choices.

Wilma also gained production experience at Exasun BV, manufacturer of aesthetic and building integrated solar panels. In addition to the technical content, Wilma has worked on energy & consumers, so that she can properly bridge the gap between technology and society.

Before joining ECN she did a doctoral research in physical chemistry into the relationship between electronic and magnetic properties and the crystal structure of thin film materials (University of Groningen, 2003). She also worked in Cambridge for 3 years (Univeristy of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science, 2003-2006) on the development of multi-functional materials for data storage. This work has been published in, among others, Nature, Science and Nature Materials.

In her spare time Wilma is chairperson of COHESIE, the local energy cooperative in her hometown Heiloo. COHESIE has already realized 2 solar installations on municipal roofs, with 270 and 189 panels which were purchased by 54 inhabitants. The third project is in the making.


My hobby as a sculptor

In addition to energy Wilma is also an enthusiastic sculptor, both in bronze and in stone. See below for an impression and on www.wilmaeerenstein.nl for more pictures of the sculptures and a description of sculpturing.

Contact for advice 06 36429735

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