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Innovation subsidies

For the development and improvement of sustainable products, companies can often apply for subsidies from the government. Sometimes regional, sometimes national and sometimes European. Applying for these subsidies can greatly help to accelerate product development, also because partners can then be found with knowledge or competences that are complementary.

Renergize Consultancy can do the following for you: find out which subsidy options there are, look for partners and (help) write the subsidy application. Renergize Conzultancy can also fulfill a role in the project if desired, for example carrying out a market study.

Examples of awarded grants

  • Project to develop and test flexible encapsulation for solar panels. Partners: coating company, printer company
  • Project for building integrated solar panels, with partner from steel production
  • Project for ‘desert proof’ panels, with tests for robustness of the solar panel and anti-soiling coatings, with large coating company and solar panel manufacturer
  • Project for ‘design for recycling’, design and material selection of solar panels to make reuse of materials possible. Partners: solar panel manufacturer, suppliers encapsulation materials and interconnection materials.

Strategic choices

the market for sustainable products is developing rapidly and is constantly changing. If the development of a product takes more than a year, the market and prices have already changed by then. To make the right choices, it is important to investigate this properly and to discuss the consequences.

Renergize Consultancy can list market developments for you and discuss the consequences for your product portfolio and product development with you, so that you can make the right strategic choices.

Examples of strategic choices

  • Company has been engaged in carrying out research related projects for the past years, focusing in particular on how residents / users react to energy-saving campaigns and products, such as a smart meters. The demand for this type of project declined considerably. However, the demand for advice/consultancy in the field of stimulating sustainability among users / residents increased. The knowledge gained in the research projects could be converted into advice towards clients.
  • New company wants to bring electric heating to the market. How does the price and comfort relate to other alternatives for gas-free heating? How long does it take before it is ready for production, and what are the other technologies doing in that time frame? What does that mean for the company?

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