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Technical assessment of the business plan

There are many start-ups aiming to produce sustainable products, do you have the required the technical knowledge and knowledge of the market developments to be able to assess this properly? Renergize Consultancy investigates the technical claims, asks questions and checks whether the time-to-market is correct and whether the necessary tests and certifications have been taken into account. Which steps still have to be taken to achieve production?

This way you avoid underestimating the required time and investment. If the market developments are also closely monitored during the same period, the product can be better valued.

Topics: solar cells, solar panels, BIPV, thin film products, electro-magnetic products, storage technology, heating concepts.


  • Investor had received a presentation of a start-up in the field of magnetic cooling. Helped the investor with asking the right questions about the presentation, and prepared questions in preparation for a personal interview with the start-up. In addition, a check was done whether the claims are correct and the status of international developments in that field was summarized.

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